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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the metrics of the blogs you reach out to?

I see a lot of people discussing DA and PA while talking about link building and everyone generally assumes that high DA and PA means high authority links. Which is the biggest lie that any SEO can tell you.

MOZ or Majestic or Ahrefs or any other metric calculation for that matter is though a good starting point, shall really not influence your link building campaign.

The DAs and PAs don’t matter people, what matters is relevancy. If it were just about these metrics, I would sell you those links at 90% discount than the current pricing.

In fact, Google even went on to state recently that irrelevant links, no matter where it is coming, be it Forbes or Huffington Post, is not going to boost your SERP.

So, to sum it up, we target blogs which are relevant to your niche and are active and have been there for quite some time. Before reaching out to any blog, we make sure it is a link worth having for your website.

But still so that you can feel easy, all the blogs are DA 10+

Do you buy link placement on other blogs?

This is a very common problem with a lot outreach services. They promise you real outreach but in reality get you links from PBNs in disguise or low quality blogs selling links.

We however, do only real outreach and like to deliver what we promise. We don’t indulge in scam practices like the one just mention because we prefer long-term happy customers over being called a scammer.

What is the delivery time?

The thing with outreach service is that it sure as hell not easy to land linking opportunities. Sometimes, it may take 100 email and follow-ups to land just one link.

So, we give an expected delivery duration based on the package. However, it may go up or down depending on how fast we are able to acquire the links.

Please be assured that we work really hard to deliver maximum results within the lowest possible time-frame.

Do we offer a refund?

Yes, we offer a complete refund if you change your mind just after placing your order.

If you cancel after the order has been started then we discount $49 as setup fee and $80 for every link that we have already acquired for you.