Niche Website Marketing Roundup – December 2016

The last Niche Website Marketing Roundup that I did, received really good response from everyone in the niche marketing community.

So, I have decided to continue doing these roundups as promised.Niche Website Marketing Roundup

Why am I writing these roundups?.

  • One of the primary reasons I started doing these roundups is because, apart from sharing high quality niche marketing related content with my blog readers, it also helps me finding some good quality content to read.
  • Another reason is seeing other people doing things really motivates me and makes me want to do it myself.

I discovered a few new blogs, which I will be including in this roundup. I am expecting this roundup to include more blogs than the last one.

A few bloggers reached out to me requesting inclusion of their blog in the roundup. Which I am more than happy to do if it meets my criteria.

Special shout out to Khalid Farhan from PassiveJournal, who not only reached out to me, but also switched on his post dates to help me determine the month his blog posts were published on.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you also have a blog of your own, where you publish niche website marketing related content.

Here we go-


Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws

As many of you may already know, is my favorite niche blog. Spencer’s blog has passed the test of time and still remains a valuable resource if you want to build your own online business.

Spencer published two great blog post in December.

Spencer shared 7 Lessons he learned launching 23 products on Amazon. Amazon FBA could be the next step for any authority website that you build. By launching your own products and promoting it through your Authority Website, you can easily maximize the earning potential of that website.

Spencer also published a guide on driving Pinterest Traffic to your website. We all know how important traffic is for your niche website and Pinterest with it’s ever growing user base could be great source of Traffic.


Doug Cunnington

Doug Cunnington

I have said this before but let me state it once again, Doug is a Niche Website Powerhouse!

Yes, the quality of blog posts Doug writes is amazing, it is always filled with high actionable content.

Despite writing such good quality posts which takes time in completing, Doug managed to write 4 posts + 1 guest post. Me for example, have been writing one post (not this one) for last 7 days and it is still 30% complete.

Doug published a really good post at the start of month, What’s Better: TEN Niche Sites or ONE Niche Site, where he interviewed many authority niche marketers asking them the same question. It is a really good read and clears a lot of air on number of niche websites to build. Personally, I am not in favor of putting all my fruits in one basket.

Andrew James of Bran Builders wrote a guest post at Doug’s blog stressing on 7 reasons you should constantly keep creating content. I always say create 2 lanes for your niche website plan, put content creation in one and all other in another. Let the content creation keep going while you experiment with other strategies.

Doug wrote 3 more nice posts, which you can read by visiting his blog.


Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward

I enjoy reading Matthew’s posts not only because of the value it provides but also because of the details he puts in it. Matthew puts a lot of work in each of his posts and writes it in step by step supported by images and graphics to make it easy to understand.

Matthew wrote a great post on monetizing a blog. Monetizing your niche website is a real challenge which comes after you have successfully executed your social media plan or SEO strategy.

If not monetized properly, you might not realize the full earning potential of your niche website. You can use Matthew’s strategy to monetize your own niche website.


Jon Haver

Jon Haver

Jon Haver was the one who inspired me to think beyond small niche websites and build authority websites. Since, then every niche website that I build has potential of turning into an Authority Website in future, if I choose to do so.

Jon is starting a competition where he wants to start a niche website with set target of doing something from the earnings of that website. It could be anything like paying your mortgage, or paying for your wedding.

I think it is great idea to set goals this way because it gives a clearer picture of the earnings required for it to be called successful. Jon will be participating with 2 of his own team members, but you can join too.


Chelsea Baldwin

Chelsea Baldwin, founded by Stuart Walker is great resource for everyone who is building niche websites. Writers at NicheHacks constantly update the blog with great actionable content.

Although, there was a total of 6 posts published on in the month of December, I really enjoyed reading 2 of them more than the others.

Jawad Khan from the Niche Hacks team wrote a great piece on using Video Marketing for Niche Websites. Online videos being so big, it is important to learn video marketing.

Chelsea Baldwin from the team wrote a detailed post on writing outreach emails which generate response. Email outreach is among the best method of link building for Niche Websites, so Chelsea’s post could be a great read.

There were some other interesting posts also, which could be read by visiting


Will Blears

Will Blears

Ever since, I stumbled upon Will’s blog, I have become a regular follower. Especially of his Authority Site Project, because that is something I am planning to do myself.

Apart from having multiple niche websites, it is a good idea building an Authority Website. It will diversify my website portfolio and will gear me up for any unexpected Google changes which might hit hard my small niche websites.

Will wrote an update on his Authority Website Project which finally hit 4 figures. Will launched a PPC campaign to test some important metrics such as User Engagement for his Authority Website, which along with providing some valuable data also bumped the earnings of his website.

Another of Will’s post details how he increased his daily revenue to 276% during Black Friday. You could read and implement same strategies while gearing up for next black friday.


Luqman Khan

Luqman Khan

I came to know about Luqman Khan when he published his success story of Luqman build and successfully ranked a top review type website for some highly competitive affiliate keywords.

Luqman followed Brian Dean’s guidelines and ranked his website using link building strategies he recommended. Luqman’s case study was amazing and worth reading because Luqman shared everything including making the url public which many will refrain from.

Luqman published an update on his 10beasts case study, which has crossed $40k in monthly earnings. I recommend everyone to read Luqman’s post because there is a lot to learn in it.


Jon Dykstra

Jon Dykstra is written by Jon Dykstra where he documents how he builds and markets niche websites. I liked Jon’s blog because he publishes content which is interesting to read.

In previous roundup we noticed that Jon maintains a high frequency of posts, while still maintaining the quality. This month though, Jon wasn’t that actively publishing as one of his b2c niche website was de-indexed by Google’s manual spam audit team.

Jon spent a lot of time and work getting his website re-indexed, successfully. Jon’s analysis of why his site was de-indexed and what he did to get it re-indexed is a recommended read for every niche website marketer.


Chris Lee

Chris Lee was founded by Chris Lee who started his Internet Marketing journey in 2009, after stumbling upon one of those get rich quick schemes and searching if it is really possible to make money online.

Since then, Chris has has never looked back and built a passive income stream which allowed him to quit his job. At Chris guides people in building and successfully ranking their niche websites.

There was one post published at blog in December. It was written by Rob Palmer who shared how his link building campaign, started for his niche website, landed him a deal with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Team and also brought over $100,000 in business.


Khaleed Farhan

Khalid Farhan

As you might have read earlier in this post, Khalid Farhan reached out to me after reading my last roundup, asking if I would like to include his blog in my roundup.

When I visited Khalid’s blog, it became obvious that I should have included it in November Roundup. Anyway, Khalid wrote a few blog posts worth reading in the month of December too, so it’s a no brainer that he is making the list.

Khalid’s last post was an interesting read, where he was debating what to do once your niche website starts bringing in some revenue. Should you invest more time in that website or move on to building your next niche website?

Khalid also did an update on his niche website case study. And don’t forget to check his blog posts from the month of November, when you visit his blog.

#11), a premium content writing services providing company founded by Vincent D’Eletto (unconfirmed), did a cool case study on a niche website that generated over $690000 in under 2 year.

Normally, I would avoid including company blogs in my roundup. But the case study by is just too good to miss. Give it a read because it covers every aspect of building a successful niche website and flipping it for a profit.

Bottom Line

So, this month 11 niche marketing bloggers made it to the list.

There were some bloggers from last month, who got excluded from this month’s roundup for either of the two reasons:

  • They did not write any new update.
  • The blog post they wrote was not relevant to the list.

Do you also manage a niche website marketing blog where you write about things relevant to this list? or is there someone’s blog you would like to recommend?

Get in touch with me using the contact page or comment below with the suggested blog’s address and I will make sure to review it and possibly include it in the next roundup.

On a side note, I am writing a really cool guide on link building for niche websites. It may go live any day next week, so stay tuned!

Also let me know your feedback and suggestions through comments.

Thanks for reading,


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Hey there,
I am Qaiser, an Internet Marketer and Blogger from India. I have started this blog to share my passive income journey with others and help them start and grow their own business!

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  • Thanks Qaiser. I really look forward to your roundups now as it is so much easier to get the whole industry update in one place. Thanks for doing that.

    Note: I am Khalid Farhan man, Not Khaleed :p

    • Hi Khalid,

      That is exactly the reason why I have started writing these roundups. It is nice to know you feel the same.

      Thanks for the positive comments Khalid.


      Ps.:- I have updated the spelling in your name.

  • Dear Qaiser,

    Thanks for this All-in-One collection.

    BTW, You also should add on your list as this site is dedicated on how to build niche sites.

    Al-Amin kabir is an excellent web entrepreneur to develop, scale and sell niche sites.

    • Hi Ashek,

      I am as big fan of Marketever as you are. It’s just Al-Amin Kabir did not published any posts in December. If Al-Amin writes any blog post worth including, I will surely feature his blog too.

      Thanks for letting me know, btw.


  • Hey Qaiser,
    First of all, thank you very much for featuring me on SGS.
    And it was a great roundup.

    I just want to head up on the Avatar you used for me. That’s not me lol, he is my friend Usama.
    You can find my picture here:
    We do look a bit identical anyway.

    Thanks again Qaiser,


    • Sorry, my bad. I have updated your Avatar in post and in the Collage as well. Though, your friend does looks identical to you.

      Anyway, thanks for the positive words.


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