Niche Website Marketing Roundup – November 2016

Hello there and welcome the all new Niche Website Marketing roundup.

Introducing Niche Marketing Roundup

Inspired from Income Report Roundups by Matthew Woodward, I have decided to do a monthly series of Niche Marketing Roundup! You can click the hyperlink with Matthew’s name, if you are interested in reading income reports from various bloggers.

These monthly roundups will feature as many Niche Website Bloggers as I can find and what they wrote in Internet Marketing and Niche Website Building category.

These roundups will be very helpful for me and the readers of this blog, because:

  • I will only feature the blogs and content that are really related and provide a lot of value.
  • You can find all the relevant content in one place, so if you missed something, this post will fill that gap.
  • It can also serve as a guide to help you decide what to read and keep you updated.

So, here we go-


Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is one of my most favorite blogs around. I visit this blog at least once everyday to check if there is something new and I haven’t missed it. I have been following Spencer Haws and his blog since it’s early days and I can’t explain how awesome this blog is and even with all these years Spencer has managed to retain the quality of this blog.

Spencer Published 2 awesome posts this months. The 11 Step Ultimate Guide on Building Successful Niche Website is a really good read and recommended for everyone if they are interested in building profitable Niche Website.

Spencer also published an update on the Niche Site Project 3 challenge. It’s interesting to see the progress of the 3 students of this project. Samara in particular broke her $100 barrier, Colleen’s traffic has doubled and Ryan is also seeing an upwards trend in his traffic though he had his Amazon Affiliate account banned.


Jon Haver

Jon Haver

Building niche website is good, but do you know what is even better? Building Authority Websites! Jon Haver shares some real useful tips on building authority website. Jon believes every single website should be built as if it is a standalone business, so the time and effort invested should do justice with the goal.

Jon presents his posts with images and explanation which makes it really easy to follow. Jon shared how he automates his content marketing strategy and how he launches a new business.

In Jon’s another post he shares 4 advanced SEO and Content Marketing strategies that works for him. Do, check those out and also visit his blog to read his income report as well.


Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward’s blog is another blog which I frequent because of the way he writes detailed step by step guides. In November, Matthew seemed to be focusing on profiting from the Shopping season.

But during starting of the month, he posted a great 6 figure product launch checklist which can be really helpful if you want to take your niche website to the next step and launch a product!


Jawad Khan

Jawad Khan

If you are building Niche Websites and you are not visiting, you are making a big mistake. Apart from their regular niche reveals, they also feature highly valuable posts written by the team at

I enjoyed reading 2 posts in particular at NicheHacks. Jawad Khan from the NicheHacks team, did a detailed analysis on the 87 million pound sale in 2012 and how you can implement the same strategies on your niche website to grow your authority and income.

Jawad also posted 7 simple tips to improve your website’s presence in search. I enjoyed reading it and hope you will too.


Will Blears

Will Blears

I stumbled upon Will Blear’s blog when his case study on how went from 2,546 to 412,894 visitors within 6 months using tactics which can be questionable from SEO point of view and yet Google didn’t take any action, appeared on my feed. Since then I regularly visit Will’s blog and especially his Niche Site Journal and Authority Site Project.

Will posted a revenue update on his Niche Site Journal project which has seen an increase of over 137%, also breaking the $100 barrier for the first time for his website. Even though traffic increased only 10%, the conversion rate increased tremendously and hence the income.


Doug Cunnington

Doug Cunnington

It has been only few months since I have started to visit Doug Cunnington’s blog,, which I came to know through this very active Facebook Group. But even in few months, I have learned that Doug is a Niche Website Powerhouse!

The very regularly updated blog at NicheSiteProject is a gem and contains a lot of valuable information that everyone will find helpful. Doug wrote a great guide on choosing domain names for niche websites, a question which every newbie asks.

Doug also did a Niche Site Project update for Fall 2016 where he shared whats going on with his personal life and most importantly online projects. Doug shared some info on how he increased earnings of one of his partner’s niche sites just by going white hat. He also gave a little insight on his own niche website which has earned over $12,000 this year!

Doug also did a Text cum Video post on ranking niche sites using content only strategy. He shares the exact same templates that he uses for his own niche sites.


Jon Dykstra

Jon Dykstra

FatStacksBlog is run by Jon Dykstra where he writes about everything niche. I have been reading Jon’s blog for just over a month, but in this short period of time I have realized the true value of it.

The one thing I like about Jon’s blog is how he manages to maintain such a high frequency without compromising with quality.

Jon Dykstra’s post about 7 key tips that helped him build successful niche website business is a good read. Another post which I find valuable on Jon’s blog is his guide on increasing pageviews. Apart from these 2 mentioned here, Jon has got many more, do check out his blog to refresh your knowledge of niche website building.


Justin Cooke

Justin Cooke

I am following EmpireFlippers from the days when it used to be a simple blog called AdsenseFlippers run by Joe and Justin. It’s nice to see how they have turned it into a full fledged business with millions in sales.

The blog at EmpireFlippers posts great content which could be beneficial for Niche Website Builders. I particularly liked their guide on creating engaging content, which is very important for your niche site if you expect it to convert.


Sarvesh Shrivastava

Sarvesh Shrivastava

Sarvesh shares his passive income journey at I started reading his blog when I first came through his Case Study, somewhere June of this year.

Sarvesh did 2 posts in November, the first one at the starting of the month was an Interview of Will Blears, which I enjoyed reading because of the straight to the point questions and detailed answers by Will.

Sarvesh also posted a case study on how he made around $1000 on Black Friday last year. Even though Black Friday is over, it could be great insight if you want to prepare for the next year’s Black Friday.





I found Ilya’s blog while reading income report roundup at Matthew’s blog. Ilya is trying to pay for his college by building profitable niche websites.

Ilya did a great post on how his posts were not ranking because of a technical glitch in Google, which turned the real date posted into an old date of video embedded in the post. Though, according to new reports, it seems the glitch has been fixed by Google. But a great read nonetheless.

Ilya also did an income report in which he shared what has he been doing with his niche websites.

Bottom Line

So, here are 10 bloggers sharing some great to read information for Niche Website Lovers.

I will post these roundups every month to inform you about some of the best things to read.

Is there anything else that you think should be included in the post? or Do you also have a blog where you blog on topics relevant to what I have shared here?

If yes, then let me know through comments or contact me using the contact page to make sure that you get included in the next post.

Thanks for reading,


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